The system helps to alleviate a wide range of security concerns for Schools and Colleges. Visitor ID cards are generally issued during the visitor’s check-in process when visitors arrive in the institution and communicate with the receptionist or front desk for any academic related information. Once the visitors explains the purpose of their visit, they’re given a visitor badge assigned specifically to them, sometimes if necessary containing their photo and signature.

Reusable ID cards are an economical choice for visitor identification as these cards can be reassigned many times without any efforts. With front desk management, you can keep a database of every visitor who arrives and leaves the Institution. You can also scan ID proof documents such as their driver’s license and upload it to the database — a security measure that any institution can take to increase their safety.


Our software is capable of recording the purpose of a visit of the visitors – Significantly it will help to detect the details of frequent visitors based on the mobile number. The front desk staff will take a visitor’s picture.

Visitor’s Visit Tracking and Enquiries: A central record system to track all the visitor’s information.

  •  The module helps in recording details of visitors such as name, number, purpose of visit, etc.
  •  Stores picture of the visitors in its database.
  •  There are tools to generate, download and print visitor’s passed data.
  •  Record visitors in and out time after time, which helps to tell the number of visitors who visited the institution over a specific time period.
  •  Provides simple and easy user interface to ease the work of the front desk and security gates.