Transport Management plays crucial role in Schools, Colleges and Universities. Administrator(s) have complete control over the institution’s transport system and will have to collect details of each vehicle, such as vehicle, number of seats, color if need be, routes as well as the drivers details such as driver’s name, license card number, driver’s phone number. Routes can then be assigned by the administrator to the various drivers and their vehicle numbers and size noted per their routes and number of students. The system has multiple features which help to notify users about their exact vehicle at any given point in time. Schedules are highly planned so that efficient routs can be chosen to drop the students or users in school on time.


Vehicle details:

This feature includes all the vehicles details such as the vehicle number, maximum number of seats, insurance renewal date, as well as the assigned driver’s name and his phone number and even the Institution’s details so as to aid in case of an emergency.

Driver details:

The system makes it super easy to handle driver’s details. The administrator can add newly recruited drivers into any Institution in their database by collecting their personal information such as names, vehicle number, Permanent Address, Date of Birth, Phone number and License number.

Route Details:

Both parents and students themselves can check the pre-defined routes so that in case of any change in the route, the students or their parents will automatically get a push notification from the administration about the changes. The students can also check out their daily bus routine from start to stop.


The administrator can create and manage pick-ups and drop downsschedule for the students. Administrator can add, change and view the number of destination from pick up point to the drop point. Similarly, Students and parents can view the number of destinations from pick up point to the drop point.

Vehicle Allocation:

It provides all allocations of the institution’s transport vehicles. Administrator can assign the different transportation vehicles according to their student’s address and destination to pick and drop the students accordingly. The route and destination will show the vehicle allocated for the different groups of students living in the same area or nearby location. Thus helping the administrator in allocating the transport means efficiently.