Sagisoft management system has a feature rich capacity of generating students scheduled time table. The software can generate both theoretical and practical time tables. Since students’ time at school is very limited, it is very essential to plan and manage their time table efficiently with regards to time to make sure lectures are exposed at the right time and in the right class. Thus, helping every student to be accustomed with the subject matter which they have been taught.


Schedules that are well managed through the use of time tables provides productive and constructive development which brings sincerity and discipline in the growth of students thereby reducing their time wasted on other non-productive works.

Conditional changes in timetable

The system has made it possible for the administrator to be able to add and delete time tables from the system.

Equal distribution of time for all the subjects

Our software has made it easy for time to be allocated to the different subjects offered by the institutions. Subjects can be given even or odd number of hours depending on the work load of the class, subject and department.

There is also the possibility to allocate time to a given task to be performed by the staff members or teachers.


Employee Time table:

From the time table menu, teachers and administrator can add and view different types of timetables such as Exam time table, School Events time table, Food menu time table, Class time table, teachers can create the time-table for each and every academic activity. This will help the students in scheduling their time as well as assign their time according to each and every academic activity.

Student Time table:

From the time table menu, students can see the various types of timetables available in the system. Thus given the student’s privileges schedule their time according to their liking with regards to each and every academic activity.

Food menu Time table:

Through our mobile application, users are able to see the menu from the school’s canteen Similarly, Parents can also see the canteen’s menu. An administrator is in charge of the caterer’s details, thus helping the administrator in analyzing the daily canteen food menu.