The student’s management system is an essential system which helps educational institutions to cater for each and every one of their students’ data. This system is capable of handling a considerable amount of students’ data. The system has been built with a common interest. Data stored under this system is not limited to students’ results from their examinations and other assessment scores, creating student schedules and time-table, regular tracking of students’ attendance, and other student-related data which are essential for the school.

As usual, teachers and or members of the administration will have to guide the students in the process of registration while they fill up their admission forms from the institution.

Our system has been built with the purpose of tracking individual student’s performances such as their daily attendance, events, their academic task and leaves etc. 

The system has been built such that students can get to learn about new generation technologies through their daily academic activities with the help of our system’s simple architect and easy to understand user friendly interface

Student Online Application

Sagisoft provides cloud based online registration and admission process for students. This enables parents and students to register or apply for admission of their child or themselves respectively in a quick and simple manner.

The Comprehensive students’ registration process is managed by administrator who well know how the system operates so as to speed up their registration process. The Administrator will provide an online data entry form for the applicant (student or their parents) to enter every required data (e.g student’s personal details and past academic details etc) that is needed. This helps to boost the student’s confidence about the Institution.

The administrators will verify all the uploaded documents that appear as original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further processing.

Parents or students should not worry about going to the institution to pay their fee. An Online Token will be sent to admitted students to pay their fee online through Sagisoft payment gateway which is free of charge.

Our interactive Mobile App will provide convenient access to Student Admission Process form in IOS and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications. Thus maximizing and controlling the enrollment of the students and hence saving time and up to 30% of the administrator(s) hurdles boosted compared to the manual paper scheme.  .

Student Attendance

With our interactive mobile application, teachers can create daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly attendance sheets of their students. This helps a lot as it tells their parents how cordial their child maybe at school and hence helps the parents to supervise their children from home. The students however can also view their attendance sheet to make sure no errors are made about their presence at school and in class.

Students List

This feature displays the list of all newly enrolled students into the Institution. The administration can decide to display all possible personal data about each data such as their name, contact number, profile photo, row number and registration number etc.

Student ID Cards

Sagisoft has a feature to auto generate students’ ID cards online after successfully completion of all the enrollment process. Students ID card will cover details such as the student’s admission number, names, contact number, class, section and department etc.

This feature is essentially helpful in tracking and monitoring the records of every user with a unique ID and Password. Also it helps to manage tasks, leaves, events all in a single platform.

Automatic Student Report Cards and Transcripts