Our system consist of an employee management system where significant personal information about an employee can be entered and stored in the Institution’s database. Employee’s information required will not be limited to the employee’s educational background, names, profile picture,work experience, contact information and address, work schedule through the help of a time table management. All these information will be made available to the administrator’s database of the Institution. Upon completing the creation of the employees account in the system, a code will be given to the employee from the administrator. The Employee can login into the system to check which department or position he/she has been assigned to work in.

Our system also provide job application forms with complete details and requirements about the available positions for those in search for jobs.


Employee Designation and database:

Under this feature, the Institution’s administrator can designate each of its employees with different designations such as Principal, Vice Principal, HR, Lab Assistance, Bursar, Teacher, Liberian, Security guard just to list a few. Each of these positions will be entered into the digitalized Institution’s database together with the employee’s personal information rather than the manual paper database base thanks to Sagisoft educational management system.

ID Cards:

The system also provides a means to create Identification (ID) Cards for the employees. Upon providing your personal details to an administrator, an instant ID card would be created siting important entities such as your Faculty, student, non-teaching staff or a teaching staff etc. ID cards can be generated in two different designs namely Landscape mode and the Portrait mode.

Attendance Management:

Our system is such that an administrator can be able to create an attendance sheet of all the institution’s employees even through our interactive mobile application. Through this means the administration can watch all daily, weekly, monthly as well as yearly attendance of all their employees.

Leave Management:

In this management system, employees can choose which leave to apply for. The system consist of leaves such as medical leave, casual leave, education leave and Maternity leave etc. The administrator has all the privileges to monitor and approve leaves applied for by the Institution’s employees on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Both the administrator and employee can see the number of leaves an employee has applied for as well as number of leaves remaining per employee in a given academic year.

Payroll Management:

The administrator is in complete control over this system. The administrator is in charge of managing each and every employee’s salary. Employee’s details such as names, designation, pay head, year or month of payment and amount to be paid as salary are all made available to the administrator. The administrator can generate the pay slip after which payments have been initiated. Thus making it an easy way to create reports of payments made.

Task Management:

This feature helps the administrator in creating different tasks for the Employees which are to be completed with a given time frame.

Committee Management:

This features allows the employees to create meetings with proper time schedule and specific agenda of the day. It helps in checking daily meetings and managing the same efficiently. They can view all the list of meeting in meeting list, which will help them to know the type and the time of meeting of the same module