The Admission / Enrollment Process involves a lot of activities such as creating and designing of forms, provision of the forms to the students, selecting eligible students per the Institution’s criteria as well as payment of fees. All these aspects generally usually results to mistakes and delay, thus affecting the process cost and time.

This is where Sagisoft comes in. Sagisoft  provides a feature rich online environment for instant and direct registration for any educational Admission/enrollment process.

            Due to the huge number of students who push to apply for admissions into various institutions (Pre-Schools, Colleges and Universities), it poses tremendous problems and or pressure on the administration alone to handle the admission process manually within a shorter time period in an accurate manner.

            With regards to market trends and demands, we have created a system of online application / enrollment where Institutions will have to forgo the hectic and tedious nature of manual application and focus on simple and semi-automated system of application/enrollment which both fits the Institution as well as its students/ applicants. Our online admission and enrollment platform can be perfected integrated to fit the needs of your institution and students.

Why Online Admission?

Every year, we come across a situation where so parents, and students will have to queue in long lines just to collect or submit their application booklets for enrollment into various institutions. This calls for fights, quarrels, bribery, and even some being rushed to hospitals over fainting and stuffs like that. On the other hand, this manual process does not go unnoticed in the Institution’s Management as it is always hectic.

Thus we bring you Online Admission and Enrollment System. Our main is to digitalize the Institution’s Management structure. Also, the goal of our online admission/enrollment system provides supportive measures for institution’s to easily access and utilize the applicant’s records booklet for further processing of their admission in a fast and concise manner.


  • It allows candidates to fill and submit their Application form from anywhere and at any time thanks to it having just one type of application form.
  • No need to stand in long queues in order to collect or submit your application booklet.
  • A change of application method from Manual paper work to digitalize systems helps in cost savings for the Institutions.
  • The online admission process helps reduce unwanted data as the administration will have to enter only eligible student’s data into the institution’s database after checking their applicant’s details.
  • The process will provide the precise and reliable outcomes with the standardization.
  • The entire admission process is very dynamic, if there are any changes in the system, it can be immediately be noticeable by the candidates.
  • Man Power Saving – Institutionswill need not to allot additional manpower to manage their applicants.
  • Say NO to printing and storing of forms separately again.
  • Institutions need not collect forms of all their candidates before filling them.

Students Enrollment

Sagisoft provides Cloud based Online Enrollment and Admission Process for students. The system helpsstudents and parents with efficient and smooth flow of registration for themselves or their children respectively.

The comprehensive student’s registration process will be managed by the institution’s administrators who manage and streamline the admission process.

For the same reason, Sagisoft will also provide online registration form for all its partnering Schools, Colleges, and Universities to achieve their enrollment goals and boost student’s confidence about the Institution for which they apply to.

The students or their parents can fill the Online Admission Form for the Enrollment Process with all the student’s personal and academic information.

Students or their parents will need to upload all their Academic Certificates including school leaving certificate from their previous Institution as well as a photo for accurate identification.

The administrators will verify all the uploaded documents that appear as original copies, mark them as verified and approve the application for the further processing.

Parents or students should not worry about going to the institution to pay their fee. An Online Token will be sent to admitted students to pay their fee online through Sagisoft payment gateway which is free of charge.

Our interactive Mobile App will provide convenient access to Student Admission Process form in IOS and Android devices which will help in better communication using email and SMS notifications. Thus maximizing and controllingthe enrollment of the students and hence saving time and up to 30% of the administrator(s) hurdles boosted compared to the manual paper scheme.  .

Employee & Non-teaching staff Enrollment

Online Employee Enrollment System streamlines the institute’s efficiency by guiding the employees through the Enrollment Process and providing them with proper application form to apply hassle free. Administrator(s) can manage the process closely, making sure that the enrollment process is perfectly completed on time.

It provides a tool for current employees to update and view their benefits. Also, this system is made available throughout the year to enroll new employees into the Institution to better enhance the Institution’s educational growth.

During Open Enrollment Process, our interactive system allows the job applicants to enroll using an easy process. Our powerful tools and easy upload capabilities allows the administrator(s) to manage employee’s information and other annual benefits for enrollment without any issues.

With employees management becoming time-consuming, complex and pricey, our interactive Mobile Application will provide convenient access to jobs application form which will help in better communication for hiring the employees using emails. This will help maximize and streamline the enrollment process of the Institution.