We live in an era where information mean everything. Even so planned and structured information is effortless to grasp and convenient. This holds true for any academic system and many other systems. Dashboard is a crucial tool in any academic system because it provides an overall control to all the features of that system. The dashboard usually works as the median of information collection and while displaying appropriate information to the user.

The dashboards generally includes the following features: Students, Teachers, Parents, Non-Teaching staff, other administrative staff.

Dashboard page gives its users access to all the various academic modules like Student Management, Employee Management, Payroll Management, ID card, Library Management, Exam Management, teachers daily routine, class work, homework etc. The administrator can see total number of students, staff, and books in library. It proposes the consolidated data of the whole system as it plays an essential role in improving the user experience. And, we can guarantee the finest user experience while using this system.



Unique Dashboard:

Our developers understand the significance of Dashboard and how it will improve the overall efficiency and experience of the users. That is why we have a standard dashboard for different entities within the system.

Enhanced Dashboard for faculties:

The teachers will be notified of daily lectures and assignments to approve. They is also a library dashboard which shows all the number of books issued and returned as well as their names and authors.

Systematic for Regular Tasks:

All the various sections in the dashboard will help the user to work conveniently and create a better structured approach to handle his/her daily tasks.

Schedule time-tables:

The dashboard of Company Nameprovides dynamic creation of time table for all its users. Thus, users can create and maintain their regular schedules with much more accuracy.

Our dashboard is highly interactive and intuitive and a must like by any user. The dashboard has a system to provide latest updates about the Institution’s events to its users. There is also a student-parents-teachers dashboard section which displays the attendance details of each and every student

Sagisofthave been designed and developed with an initial idea of being an “Enhanced Education System”. This means that it is an interactive, flexible, easy-to-access and diversified platform which can be integrated into all sorts of modern devices.