This component is highly accurate in reporting daily attendance of the Institution’s employees and students. Attendance can be marked by any department, class or section, which will later on beanalyzed or checked by the system administrator, teachers or principal for any scrutiny or errors.

SagisoftManagement system helps to synchronize all their systems in the user’s devices so that the attendance data can be marked by any available device with daily integrated backup to the server. This helps even the mobile users of our system to mark their attendance from their mobile devices and backup on daily basis.

The attendance management feature also provides an option to create a customizable attendance report. All you need to do is to upload all the attendance information with every entry created and consolidate it with the attendance module.


Employee Attendance:

Our interactive mobile application helps the administrator to create employees daily, monthly and or yearly attendance results. Thus making it possible for the administration to be able to review the results in later dates.

Student Attendance:

Our mobile interactive application also helps the teachers to create students’ daily, weekly or monthly and or yearly attendance results which helps their parents to supervise and or monitor their children presence at school. Teachers can view the attendance of each and every student on daily, weekly, monthly or year wise through different classes, sections, stream or department.

Register attendance & Regularize data:

Helps the employees and students to record their attendance from anywhere either through a web system or with our application in their mobile devices. This helps the administrator in regularly saving the unrecorded attendance automatically into the database while getting notified of any changes made by employees in their attendance data.

Record real-time attendance from mobile application:

Attendance management records real time attendance on daily or weekly basis through our mobile application integration from various devices. This data is seamlessly consolidated with the other education management modules. Employees can record their attendance or that of their students through a predefined access login using our mobile application. This will give the real-time daily update about what happens in the Institution and who (student/employee) is mostly or always a regular at school and who isn’t.

Manage complete attendance information:

Employees and students can view all their attendance information in an extensive and user-friendly way. They can monitor their attendance sheet with the help of our calendar provided in all our applications in all devices. They can also specify their leaves with regards to the Institution’s leave policies.

All-in-one Attendance management system:

The attendance management is not all that is needed by any institution but also one of the most importanttool which assures them to have accurate attendance management. It is an essential system to reduce human error and cost related to it. Sagisoft provides all these features which are perfect solutions for all your attendance management needs.