Academics Management will help our Institutional partners by providing them with a better means of expansion through efficient building of flow processes. The transformation of our Partnering Institutions from Manual paper works to digitalized administrative structures will help make work flow very simple and smooth.

Sagisoft helps students to achieve maximum results in their educational studies. The system creates the right environment for the students which helps bring them one step closer to success.

Our Interactive web based ERP module is integrated with all the academic features of education management with various learning and teaching tools which focus on students results.

Students can perform better with the help of organized syllabus and well planned lessons. This helps to bring in a system of easy communication between teachers, parents and students. It is designed to support the institutionsnot only in improving in administrative workflows, but also to enhance the students at different stages of their learning journey.


Class & Section:

Here, teachers will be able to check out the list of classes and sections for which they have been assigned to teach in by the Institution’s Principal or Administrator(s). Both the class number and class section is made available to teachers on the list.

Also, the list display the syllabus of the subject/course, as well as strength of the students in that course/subject. The administrator can also add new class name, code and stream or department as well as total number of students in that class or section.

Administrator can also do updates on a particular class, number of students in a particular class as well as updating the entire list of classes and sections in the Institution.


Teachers will be able to see the subjects they have been assigned to teach from the LIST of Allocated Subjects provided to them.

Subject codes (for example CHEM 201 for Introduction to Chemistry and Thermo Phy for Thermodynamic Physics) for each subject can also be added by the administrators.

In accordance with governmental regulations, every course or subject in any institutions must have a text book. Our Management system provides possibilities to add the recommended text book of each subject as well as its author.

Also, the administrator can add more subjects to a specific class or all of the classes backed by the Institution’s Management.

Similarly, administrator can also allocate the different subjects to the teachers, which will help them in understanding about what subjects they need to teach in their lectures, with stream / department, employee name, class and section.


Both the administrator and teachers can manage the syllabus of different subjects for which they were assigned to teach. Thus helping them to know how to schedule a class as well as help them to complete the syllabus on time.

Lessons planning:

Both the administrator and teachers can add a list of planned lessons on daily basis thus helping the teachers to know the subject, lecture code and their allocated lecture topics for which they have been assigned to. This will help in enhancing the speed to complete the syllabus in a time friendly manner.

Assignments & Notes:

With the help of our interactive Mobile App, students can easily view their daily assignments and lecture notes which will be uploaded by their class teachers. Assignments and Notes will regularly be uploaded to the system viewable from Mobile and desktop applications. The name of the teacher uploading the assignment or notes will be displayed as well as the latest date for which students will have to submit their assignments.

Classwork & Homework:

Because our system provides a means by which teachers can upload class work or notes as well as assignments on daily basis, students who could not make it to school because of health issues or some personal problems can easily access the notes and assignments from their class teacher through our interactive mobile application which is made available to every student with a mobile app or computer.


Administrator(s) can generate certifications available in the Institution. They can equally create new customized certificates per the institution’s liking and available resources. The certificates generated or created will always contain the student’s name, year of completion, issuing date, type of certification and course/program name.


The system Administrator(s) and teachers can add daily, weekly and monthly circulars if any. Events such as picnic or educational visits are referred to as circulars. They will upload the circulars to the system and from there, their students can view the circulars of specific date with the latest circular appearing first.
Students can regularly check for any upcoming circulars uploaded by their teachers or general administration.